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Александр Рыбак EU/BY 03.06.09 2:53

Александр Рыбак

Alexander Rybak was born in the former Soviet Union in what is now Belarus. He and his parents moved to Norway when Rybak was four years old, and that is where he grew up. He has been playing instruments since the age of 5, and he can now play the violin and to some extent the piano. Rybak is parents are Natalia Valentinovna Rybak who is a well-known pianist and Igor Alexandrovich Rybak who is a well-known violinist in Norway. Alexander has stated "I always liked to entertain and somehow that is my vocation." He lives in Nesodden outside of the Norwegian capital Oslo.

Rybak was awarded the highly respected Anders Jahres Culture Prize in 2004.He entered the Norway is version of Idol reaching the semi final and in 2006 he won the talent competition The Big Chance (Kjempesjansen) on NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) with his own song Foolin. Alexander Rybak has collaborated with artists like a-ha s lead singer Morten Harket and Arve Tellefsen. As of 2007, Rybak played the fiddler in Oslo Nye Teater is production Fiddler on the Roof for this role he won the Heddaprisen. He stars as Levi in the film Yohan by directed by Grete Salomonsen, among Rybaks co-stars are noted model and singer Aylar Lie