Композиция / Исполнитель Страна Дата Время Демо
Euphoria Future BY 23.09.11 03.43
Euphoria Future BY 25.07.11 05.33
Euphoria Future BY 22.06.11 04.15
Euphoria Future BY 03.06.11 04.14
Euphoria Future BY 30.05.11 04.48

Euphoria Future

Our music is based on New age style, also we are making music in style of Global Pop. This kind of music is very relaxing so sit back and let your imagination and feelings go free! You will discover new mix of rhythms, cultures and emotions.

Our band members are: Dmitri Veselovski (Чехия, Прага) - who is the main song and music creator, Victoria Rossolko (Беларусь,Минск) and Irina Rossolko (ОАЭ,Абу-Даби) - lead singers of our band.